Queen City Sounds review, reposted

Nicole Theo’s “Would You Save Me” Aches With the Yearning For an Unrequited Love

Nicole Theo’s voice on “Would You Save Me” seems to come from a distance and through the filter of a fog enshrouded room within which you can make out shapes illuminated by fingers of light from a mysterious source, a breeze dopplering her voice, pitching it as a kind of somehow naturally occurring autotune effect. The latter alters Theo’s voice expertly as an enhancement of the sound rather than the trendy affectation you hear in entirely too many pop and trap songs.

Sax and strings come into the song to give this song that aches with the yearning of an unrequited love a grounding and resolution that suggests soon emerging into action rather than wrapping oneself up continuously in unfulfilled fantasy. Listen to “Would You Save Me” on Spotify, watch the music video for the song on YouTube and follow Theo at the links provided. Look for Theo’s debut EP due out in 2020.